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About Me

My name is Lars. I am a student of the Interactive Multimedia Design department of Thomas More Hogeschool. In short, I like to call myself a front-end developer in training. I would like my work to be my hobby.

What I prefer to do is visit websites and see how they are built. I want to share that passion with my customers. So I like to listen to what your dream website contains. This can range from a small website to a whole store basket with CMS system.

If your website is online, my work is not done yet. I am therefore ready for advice, imitation or questions.

How I Work

I work in three simple steps. First I will investigate what the subject is, what it means, how I can put it into a website, .... So that we are on the same line and can work together.
Since the subject comes from you, I also want to learn as much as possible from you. By possibly sitting together.
Secondly, you have the phase that I am going to create visual formats. This is very interesting for you because you see the first forms of your project here. With every approval from you, we come to the final phase of the 'plan' phase.
In this section I will share a link where you will see an interactive version of your project for the first time. So that we can adjust the last things so that we can go to the next phases.
Design & Code
If you are happy about the design, I will proceed with the codes that are needed. I use PHP, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 to work out your idea. I also make your website responsive so that your idea is equally beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile.
If all this is done, I will send you a link to my test server. Where you can view the site so that we can apply the latest customizations..

My Skills